A6 SE – Cost-effective mini H7 flight controller

Product Overview

YJUAV A6 SE autopilot (flight controller) is a high-performance, cost-effective open source flight control product, light weight, small shape, easy installation, rich interface, stable performance.

A6 SE can be applied to control drones, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships and other intelligent equipment.

Product Features

  • STM32H743 processor, 480MHZ operating frequency, 1MB SRAM;
  • 2MB Flash for program storage, 32KB FRAM for parameter storage;
  • Built-in two sets of IMU sensors, which can realize fault redundancy switching;
  • With IMU temperature compensation function, it can work in harsh temperature environment;
  • Onboard RGB LED light for flight control status information;
  • Built-in magnetometer sensor to measure the magnetic heading of the drone;
  • Built-in barometer sensor to measure the height of the drone’s air pressure;
  • Abundant external interfaces, convenient for practical use and expansion;
  • Support Ardupilot open source platform;

Specification table

Specification itemParameter value
ProcessorSTM32H743, 480MHZ operating frequency
On-chip storage2MB Flash, 1MB SRAM
FRAM parameter storage32KB
Open-source firmware supportSupport Ardupilot 4.4.3 and above,
Support copter, plane, rover, sub, etc
Main power port operating voltage4.5V~5.5V
USB power port operating voltage4.5V~5.5V
Dual power supply redundancyThe main power port and USB power port are redundant backup to each other
Power protectionReverse polarity protection, short circuit protection
Interface protectionESD protection
IMU sensorsICM-42688-P*2
Compass sensorIST8310
Barometer sensorDPS310
PWM11(Supports 8-channel Dshot)
USB expansion port1(GH1.25*4Pin)
SD card1(Support microSD)
Main power interface1(Analog Voltage and Current Detection)
Connector model, MOLEX CLIK-Mate 5025850670
Safety interfaceSupport buzzer and safety switch
Debug1 SWD port, 1 debugging serial port
RC inputSupports SBUS, PPM, DSM signals
Servo voltage detection0~9.9V
Operating temperature-40℃~+85℃