GNSS Modules

The GNSS module is an electronic device that integrates a Global Navigation Satellite system (GNSS) receiver and associated circuits.

GNSS is the general term for all satellite navigation systems, including global, regional and enhanced.

Global navigation system: China’s BeiDou (BeiDou), the United States GPS, Russia’s Glonass, Europe’s Galileo system, namely the four systems.

Regional navigation system: QZSS in Japan, IRNSS in India.

Enhanced system: WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) in the United States, EGNOS (European Static Navigation Overlap System) in Europe and MSAS (Multifunctional Transport Satellite Augmentation System) in Japan.

NOTE series, general GNSS module series

YJUAV NOTE 2 – M8N general GNSS module with 72 satellite channels;

YJUAV NOTE 3 – M9N general GNSS module with 92 satellite channels;

RNOTE series, refers to the RTK mobile station series

YJUAV RNOTE 3 Ultra – CAN RTK F9P,Centimeter-level positioning and yaw orientation module, supporting RTK mobile station and base station functions