P9 DataLink – 915M frequency band, 60km telemetry

Product Overview

YJUAV P9 DataLink is an ultra-long-distance telemetry, 902-928MHz communication frequency band, up to 60km communication distance, maximum 276kbps transmission rate.
The module communication mode supports point-to-point, point-to-multi, and MESH networking scenarios. With stable data transmission and millisecond-level communication delay, it is widely used in the field of UAV communication.

Product Features

  • Ultra-long distance, up to 60km communication distance;
  • Communication mode supports point-to-point, point-to-multi, and MESH networking modes to enrich application requirements;
  • Stable communication, automatic frequency hopping, anti-interference, adaptive bandwidth and other technologies ensure the stability of data communication;
  • Wide voltage, allowing 12-60V voltage input, 3-14S battery, suitable for most drone voltages;
  • Three clear LEDs indicate the wireless signal strength, indicating the stability of the communication in real time;

Specification table